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Manual Welding

Mechanial Bending

Laser Welding

Manual Bending

Our Craftsmanship

Take one look at WISE products and you know it has been well-crafted. The intricate details, perfected joints and unique design features are just a few giveaways, but it is also its durability that completes your commercial kitchen and its unique style. Above all, the traditional methods we use to craft your ideal commercial kitchen equipments are what WISE pride ourselves on. We have established a highly regarded balance between new and exciting product innovations and good old-fashioned craftsmanship. Our production lines are on our way to be fully-automatic in order to cut down the cost of labour and meanwhile keep up or even enhance the consistency and quality of our products.

Hole Punching

Manual Deburring

Mechanical Deburring

ISO/CE Certificates & Patents

ISO/CE Certificates & Patents Company is attested by both ISO9000:2000 & CE in order to meet customers' needs satisfactorily by our exclusive products & services.

Products Line

Guangzhou, Foshan factory implements precise and normative management to ensure our quality of products.

Cooking Series Equipment Factory

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R & D Center

Experimental Kitchen

Cooking Series Equipment Factory

Refrigeration Series Equipment Factory

R & D Center

Quality Control Of Cooking Series

Microorganism Inspection Lab

Quality Control Of Refrigeration Series

Cooking Series Equipment Demonstration Center

Experimental Kitchen

Refrigeration Series Equipment Demonstration Center