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Whether you're sauteing, boiling, broiling, or baking, we have a wide selection of commercial ranges to meet any of your cooking needs.

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Kitchen Series

Kitchen equipment include rice cooker, Electric combi oven, Professional Multi-Function Oven, Fryer, Hot Dog Roller Grills, Hot Display Showcase, Display Steamer ....and so on. WISE has developed more than 15 Kitchen series models. Our products stress on intelligent, easy use, sturdy and durable. In the nearly future, Kitchen Equipment will be combined with Hubble; user can directly link Micro USB, update built - in menu, transfer data via WIFI. User could easy to control the condition of equipment, and check the equipment’s temperature varies. WISE hopes to offer our customers high technology, intelligent, convenient using products and better service.

  • Multi-cooker
  • Electric Rice Cooker
  • Electric Rice Warmer
  • Combi Oven
  • Professional Multi-Function Oven
  • Digital Convection Oven
  • Automatic Basket Lifting System
  • 4/6/8/16L Countertop Electric Fryer (Mechanical Type)
  • 6/8/16L Digital Countertop Electric Fryer
  • 8/12L Countertop Auto Lift-up Electric Fryer
  • 28/56/84L Standing Electric Fryer
  • 4L Countertop Electric Noodle Cooker
  • 12L Countertop Electric Auto Lift-up Cooker
  • Electric Standing Auto Lift Up Noodle Cooker
  • Countertop Food Warmer (Wet/Dry Heat)
  • Countertop Food Warmer
  • Standing Food Warmer (Dry Heat)
  • Curved Glass Warmer Showcase
  • Display Warmer Showcase (Black type)
  • 2/4-Layer Holding Cabinet
  • 1140/1940cm Heated Holding Cabinet
  • 12/24/36/48 Inch Countertop Electric Griddle
  • Commercial Microwave
  • Countertop Induction Cooker
  • Induction Cooker Diner
  • Intelligent Waffle Baker (thick Iron/thin Iron)
  • 5/7/11 Rollers Hot Dog Roller Grill
  • U-Shaped Steamer Display(Mechanical/Digital Type)
  • Square Steamer Display(Mechanical/Digital Type)
  • Intelligent Steamer Display(Mechanical/Digital Type)
  • 8/12/17 L Hot Water Dispenser