Commercial Microwave Series

Complete All Your Food Warming, Cooking, and Prep Tasks With a Commercial Microwave

Rapidly cook and reheat food in your restaurant, fast food joint, or catering establishment with a commercial microwave! Whether you’re looking for a light duty style for simple heating, or a medium or heavy duty unit for tasks such as cooking and steaming entrees, you’re sure to find the best commercial microwave oven for your kitchen’s food prep needs. You’ll also find select models with additional features, including push button controls that allow you to program cooking times for specific foods.

Available in a range of wattage options, you’ll be able to choose the microwave best suited for your establishment’s budget and time. Depending on how frequently your kitchen uses a microwave in a day will help you make the best decision. Our lower wattage microwaves are designed for low volume applications in gourmet restaurants and office building. For more power and cooking options for your concession stand, sandwich shop, or catering business, check out a commercial microwave oven with higher wattage.

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