Hot Dog Roller Series

Cook, Hold, and Merchandise Your Food Items on a Hot Dog Roller

A roller is a great piece of equipment for your gas station, convenience store, concession stand, snack shack, or quick-serve establishment. Each unit features multiple rollers that rotate hot dogs to enable even and thorough cooking. You can also use a commercial hot dog roller to keep your cooked foods warm until customers are ready to order. Choose from products with different capacities to find the best choice for your low- or high-volume needs.

Not only will a hot dog roller cook your food items thoroughly, but it will also merchandise them and help increase impulse sales. Choose from flat-top styles for back-of-house use, or check out our slanted-top options that give customers a better view of hot dogs for front-of-house applications. You can also find a commercial  roller that comes with great features, including bun holders, roll warmers, and non-stick rollers.

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