12 Inch Heavy-Duty Electric Countertop Griddle 4KW



High Quality Electric Griddle

High Quality Electric Griddle

Electric Griddle

  • Durable stainless steel structure is easy to clean. Fast acceleration of heating.
  • Every 12 inches of griddle surface is equipped with independent heating element and thermostat to reduce energy consumption.
  • Equipped with splash and oil trough for easy cleaning.
  • Coming with special features like snap-action thermostatic controls, extra durable construction, and ergonomic panels not typically found on standard models, the heavy-duty electric countertop griddle provides value and long-term use for your investment. Other features like easy-to-clean surfaces, signal lights for thermostats, and rear splashguards to protect countertops help to keep your workspace clean. These features keep most of the guesswork of cooking out of the equation, all while maximizing every inch of the kitchen.
Product Name 12 Inch Countertop Electric Griddle
Model WGT-12
Dimensions (W x D x H) 300*570*430(mm)
Power 230V / 4kW
Temp.Range 50-200℃
Warranty Statement:
– One Year Parts.
For more questions about warranty and services, please refer to our customer service.

Company Information

The foundation of every WISE product is well-defined and customer-oriented. We are the manufacturer and trade company through 29 years experience of development, together with top-notch technology and complete after-sales service network. WISE has two extensive lines of electric kitchen equipment and commercial restaurant refrigeration.
In order to follow the ever-changing trend, our company strives to reach the goal to ‘Wise your kitchen’ to sincerely serve our valued customers. In addition, we welcome all kinds of feedback and suggestion for mutual understanding and further cooperation.
The future of culinary world lies in the hand of young generations and the journey starts from a well-equipped kitchen environment. It is such an honor for WISE to be part of the journey.

Our Clients

We have helped a large number of the world’s leading global brands. Through long-standing collaboration with experienced and well-known international partners in hospitality industry, we exceptionally specialise in fast food and convenience store solutions. A premium and customised solution is what we would like to provide for our valued clients- a dedicated commitment to inspire the hospitality world.


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